Carpet Cleaning Service Jersey City | Why Choose Us

Rugs and carpets make both homes and businesses look great, but both of these fixtures require cleaning often and even restoration here and there. But that's no problem when a business like ours is around. Our rug cleaning service has been serving both homeowners and business owners in Jersey City for years, and that’s why we’re often a first choice for those who are looking for a carpet cleaning service in Jersey City.
We strive to provide top-notch service to all our clients, and we go above and beyond—far beyond where our competitors are willing to go—to help our clients. Our professional, high-quality services will be provided for the best possible prices, and we won’t stop working until you’re satisfied with our work.

Our Services

Rug Cleaning

Our licensed and trained professionals have the know-how, tools, and cleaning products necessary to deep clean any kind of rug you have. They’re always up to date on the latest rug cleaning methods, and that’s why they are qualified to provide carpet cleaning services in Jersey City.


Rug Restoration & Repair

Along with providing first-rate rug cleaning services, we also can take care of rug restoration. No matter how old a rug is or how it’s designed, we can repair it so it looks brand new again.


The Rugs And Carpets We Often Clean

Irrespective of what kind of rug you have, we can clean it. And even if your rug is more than 100 years old, our technicians can handle it with care to ensure it gets the deep cleaning it deserves. We’ll use everything at our disposal to ensure the rug cleaning process is quick and efficient, and we will follow any special instructions that you have to a T. Below are some of the rugs we often clean for clients:
Wool rugs
Silk rugs
Cotton rugs
Jute rugs
Synthetic rugs
Bamboo rugs
Shag rugs
Leather, hide, and sheepskin rugs
Persian rugs
Faux Fur/Hyde rugs
Oriental rugs
Polypropylen rugs
Whether you got your rugs in a store or from some exotic place, they can be cleaned by our experts. We even clean hand-woven rugs, and we’ll always ensure we are careful when handling your rugs and carpets.


Our Company Is Preferred In Jersey City

We are proud to be preferred in the local community, and as a family cleaning business we take pride in knowing that we've grown largely based on referrals. When you hire our team, you won’t just be hiring rug cleaning professionals but also friendly individuals who care about making your rugs not only visually attractive but safe as well.
You wouldn't believe how many things can attach to a rug, some of which can be very hazardous to humans and pets. Our technicians can provide same-day service to clients, and whether your rugs and carpets are in a home or business, we can clean them.


Cleaning With Green & Non-Toxic Products

Most of the time, we use industry-leading products to clean rugs, but we can also use eco-friendly and non-toxic products if this is what you desire. Our eco-friendly products are just as strong as the non-green products we use, which means you don't have to sacrifice effectiveness for eco-friendliness.