Carpet Cleaning Service Jersey City | Importance of Carpet Cleaning

While most homeowners and business owners have the rugs and carpets in their properties vacuumed regularly, rug cleaning is often needed because vacuuming alone doesn’t combat the army of particles that set up shop deep in rugs and carpets.
When you hire a professional carpet cleaning team like ours, we will remove dust mites, bacteria, and other allergens that cause humans to get sick. After we're done cleaning the rugs, you'll be able to breathe in better air, and the room itself will feel a lot more comfortable.
It's hard to believe, but a dirty rug can even impede airflow in a home, and this is yet another reason why getting a carpet cleaning service from us is a good idea. Our trained and licensed technicians will work quickly and efficiently to ensure your rug is not only clean but protected from the onslaught of particles it’ll face in the future.

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Here’s What You Can Expect From Our Cleaning Process

When you hire our team, you can expect our leading technicians to come to your property the day you call us. If that’s not ideal, we can come on a scheduled date.
When we come, we will use all our tools and cleaning products to ensure the rug cleaning process goes off without a hitch. Our technicians are skilled, licensed, and certified, so you can trust that they will only improve your rugs and never damage them.
Here’s how our cleaning process works:
First we’ll look over your carpets and rugs to see what the best cleaning method will be. Next we’ll identify and pre-treat areas that are especially dirty. After this we’ll apply the appropriate shampoo, and then we’ll rinse with a neutralizing solution. We’ll extract water and leftover cleaner next, and then we’ll pursue a post-wash treatment on particularly stubborn stains. Lastly we’ll groom the carpet to restore the nap.
Once the rug cleaning process is finished, we’ll take you through your home to see how the cleaned rugs look. We won't stop until you're satisfied, as this is what we've been promising clients since we opened our doors years ago.

Pet Stains Are No Match For Our Experts

Many homeowners these days have pets at home, with the two most common kinds of pets being cats and dogs. Of course having these furry friends at home is great for a variety of reasons, but one cost is that you'll always have to be picking up after your pets.
Whether you have cats or dogs, you will be dealing with pet shedding, and even short-hair animals shed often. Then, with dogs specifically, there is the "dog smell” problem, and it's no secret that getting this smell out of rugs, carpets, and furniture is very hard.
And when a pet has an accident on a rug, this needs to be addressed immediately so there's no long-term damage or a smell that doesn't go away.
No matter what kind of pet-related problem you have, you can trust that our team will solve it for you. We’ll also use pet-friendly products during our rug cleaning, as this way you won’t have to worry about your pets after we’re done.